Emergency Dentist

In the event of an unexpected oral health problem or accident in Forest Lambton Shores, emergency dentists can help. When you’re in a panic because of an injury or sudden mouth pain, you want a clinic you can trust. For immediate, concerned care from professional oral health care providers, call Lambton Shores Family Dental.

Here are some potential dental emergencies, and how we address them:

  • Broken Teeth – For broken teeth, we offer emergency and cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile. Crowns can be attached to broken teeth to make them appear undamaged. Chipped teeth will be filed and protected, and you’ll be able to speak and chew without pain.
  • Knocked-out Teeth – If handled quickly, knocked-out teeth can be reinserted into the mouth and saved if they have not been too damaged. Even when the tooth cannot be reinserted, emergency dentists in Forest Lambton Shores offer dental implants that take the place of missing teeth and prevent jaw degradation.
  • Abscesses – Advanced gum infections can make jawbones deteriorate, or cause receding gums. We provide comprehensive oral surgery for patients suffering from abcesses. If you have this condition, call us for help to reduce pain and keep infection from spreading.
  • Root Canal – When cavities progress, they often affect the soft interior of the infected tooth, requiring a root canal to clean it. Emergency dentists in Forest, Lambton Shores will treat the damaged tooth and install both temporary and permanent crowns to shield the hurt area.
  • Broken Brace Wires – A sharp piece of wire is a threat to gums, tongues, and lips. At Lambton Shores Family Dental, we know how to remove and restore broken brace wires safely.

Severe dental emergencies shouldn’t be ignored. Contact emergency dentists in Forest Lambton Shores to minimize damage and get pain relief.

Lambton Shores Family Dental has caring dental service providers to address your immediate oral health concerns. Please call (519) 704-1400 for dental emergency treatment.