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Family Dentistry

Excellent oral health can be achieved through regular checkups that we advise patients to undergo every 6 months. Via restorative and reconstructive solutions, dental issues are resolved before they become serious. Children and adults need to know how to care for their teeth properly and be aware of the dental needs that come at every stage of life:

  • Children – Good dental habit formation for excellent oral hygiene and lower chances of serious dental problems
  • Adolescents – Dietary and lifestyle change awareness crucial to the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth
  • Adults – Knowledge about the effects of aging on teeth and awareness about the benefits of treatments like whitening and veneers
  • Seniors – Proper attention devoted to ensuring the health of teeth and gums

Cosmetic Dentistry

Just as awareness of dental health issues is crucial, aesthetic improvements also need to be given due attention. These are dental solutions that allow you to engage in verbal communication confidently or chew food properly.

  • Implant Dentistry – Dental implants rooted in the mouth permanently look and feel more like real teeth as artificial teeth roots are placed into your jaw to hold replacement teeth or bridge in place
  • Dental Veneers – Ultra-thin laminates of porcelain bonded to the front of the teeth that allow color change and/or teeth shape that enhance appearance
  • Teeth Whitening – Brighten discolored teeth via our in-office ZOOM! Whitening or a custom bleaching kit that you can use at home
  • White Fillings – Made to match your existing teeth to make smiles appear clean and natural, resin compound bonding offers a tighter seal that reinforces restored teeth

Dental Implants

Talk to us about dental implants and mini implants that address missing teeth, loose-fitting dentures, or an uncomfortable bridge. We offer a permanent solution that looks natural, unlike traditional dentures that move around and cause discomfort and chewing difficulty. Discover the benefits:

  • Looks and Feels Like Real Teeth
  • Stays in Place Even While You Chew
  • Improves Verbal Communication and Speech
  • Secures Replacement Teeth Firmly
  • Prevents Remaining Teeth From Drifting
  • Prevents Bone Loss


Opt for removable partial or full denture to replace teeth that you lose through unfortunate accidents, injury, or gum disease. Dental prosthetic solutions help restore a full smile and prevent remaining teeth from shifting. Dentures also correct teeth alignments to improve biting and chewing ability, speech articulation and provide support to cheeks and lips for a more youthful appearance.

Denture Options

Let our doctors examine your mouth and recommend the best solution. We have an in-house lab where you can have partial dentures made and broken ones repaired within an hour. Dentists may recommend the following denture options:

  • Partial – Replaces multiple teeth on upper, lower, or both arches and may be attached to hidden clasps fitted on existing teeth
  • Full – Replaces all teeth in upper, lower, or both arches using natural suction of denture adhesives
  • Implant-Retained – A more stable solution that cancels out all the hassles associated to denture affixing and removal


Take fear and anxiety out from the equation when undergoing dental treatments. We offer sedation dentistry that allows you to remain calm, relaxed, and comfortable throughout the entire dental procedure.To alleviate a patient’s jitters or help the fearful get treatments, our sleep dentistry solutions are ideal for:

  • Patients With a Sensitive Gag Reflex
  • Adults Fearful of Dental Procedures
  • Patients Anxious About Dental Freezing


Correct teeth that are crowded, protruding, or set too far apart. Invisalign is a breakthrough orthodontic treatment that is easier, more comfortable to use, and more acceptable to adults than “train track” metal braces.

No Metal Braces

The Invisalign solution uses a series of clear aligners custom-fitted to snugly cover your teeth and gently move them through every stage of the treatment. No metal braces are used and treatment times are shorter.


With innovative technology in use at Riverview, treatments and procedures take less time to complete and offer more comfort for patients. We employ cutting-edge dental care technology such as laser therapy, VELscope, and ZOOM! whitening.

Laser Therapy

Because laser therapy requires no stitching, recovery times are shorter and treatments and procedures come with less bleeding and pain. Even complex procedures can be completed in one visit. The anesthetic effects of laser cancel out the need for freezing and hypodermic needle injections.

Applications to Standard Procedures

  • In low-pain gum therapy, lasers detect and remove calculus without leaving any residue to keep tooth surface clean and undamaged
  • Small lesions on gum tissue can be treated, and gum lines can be recontoured with minimal discomfort via a process that enables quick healing
  • For people suffering from heightened temperature sensitivity, lasers can be used to desensitize teeth
  • Lasers can be used around implants to reduce inflammation
  • Laser therapy fast-tracks the healing process in cold sore and ulcer treatments


We use a non-invasive oral screening device to identify oral tissue abnormalities that exhibit cancer and pre-cancer symptoms. VELscope is the leading oral cancer screening device.

ZOOM! Whitening

This is a painless procedure that whitens teeth up to ten shades lighter. The ZOOM! Whitening treatment is an in-office procedure that can be completed within an hour.