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Protecting Your Teeth from Chlorine while Swimming

Swimming is a great physical activity that works the entire body and improves cardiovascular health. No matter what stroke you use, swimming targets multiple muscle groups as you move against the gentle resistance of the water.   However, researchers have found that swimming in a chlorinated pool with pH balance between 2.7 and 7 can…

Does Bottled Water Contribute to Tooth Decay?

Your dentist may have warned you of the harmful dental effects of drinking sweetened fruit juices, sodas, and sports drinks. But did you know you can also damage teeth by drinking bottled water? According to Canadian Dental Association president Dr. Jack Cottrell, it is not bottled water itself that causes decay but the water’s lack…

Health Benefits from Professional Teeth Cleaning

We all know the importance of having our teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist. Even for those who diligently brush and floss, it may not be enough to remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth by yourself. For many people, however, dental visits may seem like an ordeal. Our oral health plays a…

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Bad Breath

Bad breath, also called as halitosis is generally a reason for anxiety and stress in many people. While mouthwashes, gums, mints, rinses and other products are available in the market to fight this problem, most of these products only provide temporary relief as they fail to address the root of the issue. A number of…

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Three Dental Tips for Students

Due to the nature of the student lifestyle and the stress, responsibilities and hard work associated with it, it can often be difficult to take complete care of your teeth and gums. Students are generally so involved in completing their assignments and studying for their exams, that they forget about their health and well-being, in…

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Dental Health Resolutions for 2018

Perhaps you don’t know but dental health is an imperative part of your overall health and while you are making those other resolutions for 2018, you must also include some dental resolutions. These can be as simple as resolving to brush twice daily and scheduling an appointment with your dentist in Forest that you should…

Pediatric Dental Checkups

Common Reasons Why Kids need Regular Pediatric Dental Checkups

Children should visit the Lambton Shores Family Dentistry at least half-yearly in most regular cases. Whether your little one still has baby teeth or is growing permanents, the state of the teeth through every stage of development is one of the most crucial aspects of a kid’s overall health. Regular visits to dentist allow parents…

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Top Reasons for Professional Teeth Whitening

Today, teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic service; besides, its popularity is constantly increasing according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Interestingly, if your teeth aren’t gleaming bright and white, that doesn’t mean that you have to live with those stained, dark and uncared for set of teeth. Thankfully, with professional teeth whitening…

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Toothache: Causes and Treatments

Your teeth structure is not as simple as it seems. The anatomy of a tooth is composed of many layers, including enamel, dentin, cementum, your roots and root pulp canals. Having even slightest of knowledge of your teeth structure tells you as to how much efforts it takes to keep your dental health optimal. When…